Month: June 2020

Lithuania 2020

The boys have a very special treat for you this week as they bring you the delights of the Lithuanian national selection, Pabandom iš naujo! Matt went to the show back in February and now provides us with some insight through interviews, soundbites, and maybe a little bit of gossip from backstage! As per, the…

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Finland 2020

The 2020 season continues with a virtual and socially-distanced trip to Finland, and talk about the national final UMK. Matt talks about a date he went on during the week of the show that took a very coincidental and related turn. Monty vents his disapproval at using numbers as letters. Buckle up and join the…

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Albania 2020

The 2020 season kicks off with a Balkan bang! The Albanian national final didn’t pass entirely without incident, so join the boys who have dug down into the 58th edition of Festivali i Këngës and found a few gems. Most importantly, what song has been picked as the cherry that will represent Albania in this…

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