Month: October 2019

Second Cherry Online Vote 2019

You’ve heard the songs selected on the Second Cherry podcast. Now it’s time for you, the listeners, to vote on who you think should win the Second Cherry Song Contest 2019. Below are helpful YouTube and Spotify playlists to remind you of the selected songs. Use the form below the playlists to then cast your…

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Wash up 2019

Now that all the songs have been selected for the Second Cherry Song Contest 2019, it’s time to vote on your favourites! But before that, Matt and Monty run through the ‘best of the rest’ of the national final season in the 2019 wash up episode. Links: Dženan Lončarević’s performance of “Nema suza” (Finale –…

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A Ukrainian cherry has been picked! The boys review Vidbir 2019 where we saw 20 instruments in one, some hate-filled yellow knitwear, and one very very awkward question. We can also announce that the Second Cherry team has drawn a line in the sand – we have our 16 songs for our 2019 contest! Links:…

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