Second Cherry

Second Cherry is almost the Eurovision Song Contest. It’s the alternative competition we could have had. It’s our celebration of songs that competed in contests across Europe for the chance to represent their countries at Eurovision – but failed.
As Eurovision fans we’re frustrated every year by the ones that got away; those little gems that deserve another moment in the spotlight. A second bite of the cherry. 
This is their time.

The Second Cherry Song Contest

Second Cherry was born in 2006, the creation of three London-based Eurovision fans: Russell Davies, Monty Moncrieff, and Nico Pittortou. Together we curated a collection of the best also-rans of the year and brought them into a party where our friends became the juries and voted for their winner.
Nico stepped down after 2008 and we expanded the team to include more fans: Juha Repo, Jody West and Mickaël Denis, who continued the tradition until 2015. The first two years were private house parties. In 2008 we moved into a pub and added a disco after the voting sequence with the help of internationally renowned Eurovision DJ, Dave Simmons. Technical wizardry was provided by Gary Thomas, before Robin Scott produced our video content and scoreboard from 2009. After 10 “Cherries” we were knackered and took a well-earned break. But in 2019 we returned!

Second Cherry – almost a Eurovision podcast

2019 saw a new Second Cherry format, and a new member in the team, Matt Baker. Matt and Monty guide you through a weekly podcast, looking back at the season’s national finals, and revealing our Cherries week by week.
As listeners to the show, you’ll have the chance to contribute to the outcome and cast your own votes in November. We hope you’ll join us over the summer for your perfect antidote to Post Eurovision Depression and to pass the off-season. 

The live final 

Our live final also returned and on Friday 8th November 2019 we teamed up with Eurofest, the UK’s leading Eurovision club night, to host the final in the first part of their November event. Eurofest’s special guests that night were the 2019 winner of the Eurovision televote – the ‘People’s Champions’ Keiino from Norway. 

The audience on the night voted as juries and formed 50% of the vote. The other 50% came from an online vote of our podcast listeners – that’s you! 

You can read about the 2019 final here and listen to our podcast episode about it here.  


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Previous years’ winning songs

2006 – Slovenia – Mandoline by Saša Lendero
2007 – Spain – La Reina de la Noche by Mirela
2008 – Spain – La Revolucion Sexual by La Casa Azul
2009 – Denmark – Someday by Hera Bjork 
2010 – Sweden – Headlines by Alcazar
2011 – Iceland – Nótt by Jóhanna Guðrún Jónsdóttir
2012 – Norway – High On Love by Reidun Sæther
2013 – Norway – Bombo by Adelén
2014 – Belarus – Via Lattea by Elena Sinyavskaya
2015 – Belarus – Accent by Milki
2016 – 2018 – No Second Cherry Song Contest
2019 – Ukraine – Siren Song by Maruv
2020 – Finland – Cicciolina by Erika Vikman