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Our 2019 season reached its conclusion on Friday 8th November as we presented the live final during Eurofest at London’s Royal Vauxhall Tavern. It was an exciting show as almost 200 people crammed into the venue to see who would be crowned our 11th Second Cherry Champion.

Eurofest is London’s longest-running Eurovision club night, each event bringing a former Eurovision entrant to the RVT, headlining the finest regular Eurovision party in the country. We’d like to firstly say a huge thank you to the team for letting us join their night. This was a great honour for all the Second Cherry team as regular punters.

The Second Cherry team 2019 photo

We, of course, were but the warm-up act for midnight headliners Keiino, this year’s Eurovision televote winners, popularly dubbed the “People’s Champions”, who continue on a high following their success, and who were fresh off a long-haul flight from their tour of Australia.

As Matt, Monty and Jody took to the stage at 7.45pm, the lively crowd was more than up-for-it and we really felt the support from the start. Many podcast listeners came along and took the time to say hello. It was fantastic to meet many of you.

Friend of the podcast, Stuart, and THAT t-shirt!

A special mention has to go to podcast fan Stuart who had gone to incredible lengths to design and print his own t-shirt for the occasion, featuring our faces in cherries. This was a wonderful and hilarious tribute – thank you so much for taking the trouble to do that.

The songs ensued, then, after a customary recap, voting opened! Our 16 live juries took to the floor to deliver their points, which saw some typically diverse voting. There were strong showings by many of the entries, but three songs pulled away to top the leader board at the end of the jury points: Australia on 120 points; Ukraine just one ahead on 121; and Sweden in the lead with 144.

But of course, that wasn’t our final result as we still had to add the 50% of voting from you, our podcast listeners!

We’re blown away by how many of you took the time to vote. Your points were calculated into a percentage of the total votes cast, then converted to a corresponding percentage of the total available ‘televotes’. We’ve provided a full break down below.

In the end the same three songs made up the same top three in your votes, but not in the same order.

In third place was Sweden with 86 points, sending Anna Bergendahl to the top of the scoreboard with 230 points. 113 points then went to Australia moving them just above Sweden on 233 – an incredibly narrow margin.

This left just Ukraine to score – would Maruv have enough to win? You awarded 123 points to her, elevating her to victory on 244 points. Congratulations to Siren Song – Eurovison’s 2019’s loss, but Second Cherry’s gain. She takes her place on our Roll of Honour as our Champion for 2019!

The final Second Cherry scores
The winning moment! [Video Credit: Martin Palmer]

Phew! But it wasn’t over yet. The Royal Vauxhall Tavern was buzzing with excitement as the post 10pm ticketed crowd entered and prepared for a live set from Keiino. What a great party this was, as they played and sang for almost an hour. We heard many people say it was the best Eurofest yet, and we wouldn’t disagree.

Before we go, some thank yous for the incredible help we’ve received this year. To Ross at Electric Kiwi for support with the website and hosting. To Tom at Tomodo Photography for the logo. To the entire Eurofest crew and DJs for letting us be a part of your amazing night. To Vaughan Staples for the brilliant work on the videos and David Slavin for the thrilling scoreboard. To Simon le Vans and the team at the RVT for the technical support on the night.

A special thank you to the rest of the Second Cherry team – Jody, Russell, Juha and Mickael for your support, encouragement, pizza and summer hangovers as we’ve chewed the fat and chosen the songs. It’s been a great thrill to dust this baby off.

Finally, our biggest thank you to you, our podcast listeners, for being with us during our first season. Thank you for joining us in this niche pursuit of silliness. We’ll be back for more next year. Enjoy the on-season and keep an ear out for 2020’s losing songs – they’re music to our ears!

Matt and Monty

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